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Dr. Lockerman’s Approach of TMJ and Pain Management

Dr. Lockerman uses an inter-disciplinary approach to diagnose and manage headache, facial pain and TMJ (Jaw Joint) problems. Consultations with a variety of specialists are made when necessary. A summary of the diagnostic findings, management plans and progress are sent to the referring practitioner.

Much confusion exists with head and neck pain management and “TMJ” disorders due to its complex nature and the involvement of different specialties.

It is usually not necessary to have many X-rays and expensive computerized diagnostic testing to diagnose and manage pains related to “TMJ” and other tension type headache pains.

Headache, Facial Pain and “TMJ”

Tension (muscle contraction) type headaches account for most head pain complaints. Muscle fatigue and muscle spasm can refer pain to a variety of locations and mimic an amazing number of medical and dental conditions.

The most frequent complaints include:

  • Limited opening of the jaw
  • Jaw joint (TMJ) sounds
  • Grinding and clenching of teeth
  • Eye and ear pains
  • Dizziness

Physical stress (posture, irregular growth patterns, joint problems, postural and body mechanics, habits, accidents, etc.) and emotional stress can create a confusing array of symptoms which do not fit any one pattern that many physicians and dentists can identify. Unfortunately, people may see several physicians and dentists, be given medication for symptomatic relief, and be told that the cause of their pain is unknown.

Headache and pain specialists today believe that the nervous system and muscles of the head and neck have a direct link to headache and facial pain. If a way is found to ease the pain, then there is a good chance that it can either be stopped or managed at a tolerable level.

Our Clinical and Practical Goals

Our goal is to provide our patients with comprehensive care. We work with referring health professionals to help patients manage their pain quickly and effectively.

We inform the patient of available alternatives and help the patient choose the course of treatment best suited to his or her needs.

After several months of treatment and management, the patient’s progress is re-evaluated to determine if other therapies are needed. The patients and doctor work together to evaluate past therapies and plan for future treatments.

While we cannot guarantee a cure, we strive to ensure that each patient receives the most appropriate diagnosis and management plan. If, however, the patient cannot benefit from our knowledge and experience, we will refer to an appropriate facility or specialist.

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